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This site is shared with family and friends so we can keep up with what's going on in our lives at the moment, maybe read one of the more amusing spelling tests and have a smile. Enjoy the fruit of years of drum lessons provided by Mom, not to mention an awesome, Slingerland set, nurtured by the support of wonderful folk. Or check out the beadwork and be inspired early enough to ask for a nice piece of beaded jewelry for a gift ('cause these pieces can take weeks to make) or try some recipes. 

Prospective employers are encouraged to visit here to acquire a fresh copy of my resume, view my transcripts and see the range of my creativity  and talents.

  • In the Science Lessons you'll find some of the Lessons I created for Brain Explorers.  It shows that I have the capacity to tackle some basic concepts in neuroscience and the creativity to teach these concepts to 5th graders using novel methods such as music and dance.

  • My Masters Project from Duke is also available. This work illustrates that I can interpret diverse and complicated subjects and successfully reduce them to manageable and comprehensible units.

  • I hope to use these talents and skills to support myself working toward the public good.

 Thank you for checking out my site!